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What are my options?

If you have received a Director Penalty Notice, we understand that this can be a stressful time for you.
It’s a tough time but you need to act fast. In the best case secenario you have 21 days to either:

Form a
Payment Arrangement

Appoint a liquidator or

Do nothing and become
liable for the debt.

Make your company pay
the debt in the Director
Penalty Notice

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How can DPN Solutions Help?


Walk through what the notice means with our infographic, or send it to us and we’ll tell you.


We’ll tell you the best thing to do in your situation, and send it to you in writing.


Depending on the plan, we might
advocate on your behalf or refer you to a specialist from our group.

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Simple steps with our experts.

Give us a call

Get your 30 minutes free. confidential advice. It’s obligation-free.

We give customised advice

You can send us a scan of your letter and we will help you understand it better.

We will help you come up with a plan.

We’ll tell you the best way forward, and send it to you in writing.

We help you solve
the problem.

Whatever the solution, we support you every step of the way

Talk to an expert about your Director Penalty Notice now.

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Success Stories.

“I received a DPN in the post, I could tell it was bad but I didn’t know what to do. A quick chat to DPN Solutions and it turned out I could avoid most of the debt by closing my company. They put me in touch with a liquidator and two days after I called the debt was a fraction of what was on the letter!”

“The ATO sent me a DPN but it went to an old address. Once I received it, I noticed it covered periods in which my company was already shut. DPN Solutions wrote to the ATO for me, and the debt was reduced.”

“I knew I could pay some of my DPN but not the whole thing right away. DPN Solutions helped me to negotiate a payment arrangement that protected me personally. Their quick and freindly advice was much appreciated”

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