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You’ve probably read that the ATO is very aggressive in debt recovery.  That can be true.  But it is also true that the ATO can be very reasonable.  Yes, really!  The Law provides some specific defences:

  • illness, or some other good reason, prevented you from managing the Company;
  • you tried, but failed, to cause the Company to pay the tax debt;
  • you tried, but failed, to appoint a Voluntary Administrator or Liquidator to the Company.

But at DPNSolutions we have also successfully challenged DPNs on other grounds, most commonly under the category “other good reason”.  But the trick is to know how to effectively put that argument.

We have a wide range of DPNSolutions and we group them under the following headings:



Options include:
ATO Negotiations; Restructure the company; Use Safe Harbour legislation; Asset Protection strategies.

voluntary administration

Voluntary Administration

Saving your company and avoiding personal liability through a Voluntary Administration.



Sometimes it is better
to liquidate the company.


Payment Arrangement

Organise a Payment Arrangement for the Company with the ATO – there are some tricks to this option so caution is needed

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